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there is a TEAM UP section on newgrounds, look it up. (oh sry, i didnt capslock all of this, i hope you can stll read it.)

I dont like telling you this, but working with limited ressources is tough and I feel like you are not using your full potencial.
So here we go:
Stop remaking old game concepts (!!!!) if you do not have something to add to the table (like neat graphics, a new look at an old concept, extremely smooth and fun gameplay, etc).
I dont understand why so many People spend months developing versions of games that already exist. Just look thorugh steam greenlight, about 80% of the games there are just new versions of old stuff. About 99% of these new versions are not even better than the original Version.
Because they are not backed by a team of highly expirenced proffessionals.

I get it, you want to make a tower defense game.
But why try to recreate something that has been done a million times?
Why dont you look at your limited ressources, come up with something even slightly original (of the top of my head, i'd suggest a game about managing the inside of ONE tower in a classic tower defense game. You know like buy ammunition, upgrade shit, maybe directly aiming at the enemies that are passing you. But all on the budget that the "player" has decided to invest in you. id call it "the last stand" but thats already a game with a new look at an old genre , so you have to think of a good name yourself.)
so back to the topic:
I BEG you, please stop trying to create something that you are bound to fail at!
Please think about possibilities to make your game interestening (go watch every video of the "extra credits" youtube channel - NOW).
Please try to learn programming in Unity by completeing hundreds of these fucking tutorials and only then put your precious energy in one of your own projects.
Please dont waste your time.

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Attack of the Goblins Attack of the Goblins

Rated 2 / 5 stars

its nice to see that people are still working with scratch!

well, your game could use a reset button but the rest is pretty neat, considering that you used scratch :)
Keep working on your games and consider switching to the more complex programm stencyl (which builds on the click n drag feel of scratch but enables you to make way better games)

Dark Maze Dark Maze

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

decent music
no animations
no real graphic
no story (except escaping the maze)
char moves EXTREMELY slow
no hints or anything else you could base your escape plan on

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Rumble in the Soup Rumble in the Soup

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

found a bug:
if you have guns maxed out and get the +1 gun upgrade by killing a boss you dont shoot anymore

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The Last Samurai The Last Samurai

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game!
there are too many different objects to interact with, this gets confusing!
The exit points are not always in roughly the same place, resulting in some unsatisfactory expirences

how can you afford to make all these shiny games? Do you distribute them on other sites to generate ad revenue? Or is it just 100% hobby and recreation?


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Geovizz responds:

Hey, thanks! I think if you interested in how it works you should 100% visit FGL - . They have ALL answers. In general it's my main occupation. Sometime it was some kind of hobby and recreation, but now it's a hard and painfull process xD

Lizard Crash Lizard Crash

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice!
nothing to play for a long time but quick and kinda challenging fun!

Gone Greaser Gone Greaser

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


.) i like the style of this game! nice animations (and flair)
.) it is really repetative, so it feels like you are getting nowhere, even if you are beating your old highscore
.) there seem to be some problems when fighting the people:
they sometimes switch sides
just mahsing buttons will keep you from harm
.)i always just stayed at roof tops, got down beat someone up and went up there again to evade the policeman. But there is not really much space in the top of the screen, it feels kinda claustrophobic up there.

So adding some goals (like levels or hard to reach stars or something) and a few new backgrounds and shifting the focus of the "kamera" a little bit to the top would make this very enjoyable!

gesco responds:

Thanks for the feedback.
The full level was not implemented in this 'test run', which has more and more preppies coming at you before getting to the rumble and then the next level. This was only a sneak peak at the gameplay. Also, it's not about beating a high score.
Update: You can beat your highscore during rumbles but not during the levels. The rumbles happen at the end of the level and before entering next level.

The player must always earn 1000 points within 2 minutes before moving on, but for this test, I shortened it to 600 points and 1 minute.
When the second preppie comes in (when it rains) he flips because they are surrounding you. So as more preppies come at you, you will have to turn left to fight off the preppie behind you and then turn back right to fight the one in front.
Update: I will stick to the preppies coming in from the right only.

I originally had the background shift downwards during my jumps (onto rooftops) but decided to remove it last minute. I agree there is not enough room up there so I will have to fix that.
As for new backgrounds, there are different backgrounds for the game as you level up and during the rumble. Again, this was only a sneak peak.
Your feedback is exactly what I am looking for though so thanks again!

Splits Training Routine Splits Training Routine

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

this is just a picture? or does it not work right now? fixing some of the missing stretches is an understatement :)
I guess i can not really judge this right now...

Bladevampirek responds:

@StuffedWombat, You can now Use this program at,
"" For some reason Newgrounds will not stream my game correctly, however does stream it okay as long as Internet Explorer is used.

Glider Cat Glider Cat

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

1.) dont crossfade so long
2.)there is no goal, right?
3.) nice work, but i found a "bug": the more you click, the more often you jump, regardless of where you are or when you click. So i could click 1.Mio times an the char would stay at the top of the screen for along time, This also obs you of your ability to dodge.

allendavi9 responds:

thanks so much for the feedback i will get to implementing the changes asap

Balance me Senpai Balance me Senpai

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I am beginning to see a pattern in your games ;) Is fun to play, but not as strategic or challenging as your new one.

UnicornStudios responds:

Yes indeed! All my 2-player games have that same "waste your time with your friends" style :D
People mostly say they like this one the most, but I am glad you enjoy the new one! ^^