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2016-12-31 14:55:42 by StuffedWombat

Hi there!

Here is what I want to do in 2017:

Make more videogames
Make better videogames
Publish & distribute my first boardgame (it has been made already ^^)
go outside more
obtain a credit card in a totally legal way (no stealing whatsoever, trust me) so i can become a NG supporter
Make some animations and put them on the internet
Buy toiletpaper BEFORE it runs out
Draw more comics

Have a nice day, whenever you are reading this!



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2016-12-31 15:43:20

"Steal a credit card"
Oml dude


2017-08-01 09:18:58

nice games


2017-09-30 16:42:00

awesome man. thats a lot, good luck


2017-11-08 07:23:45

Sounds like a year well-planned! :D Hope you're all stocked up on #7 by now, and a Supporter! Cheers.

StuffedWombat responds:

Actually, I am on my last roll :)

And I already had to push things like the boardgame and animation back to 2018 :/


2017-11-08 09:01:39

XD If that roll lasts all the way to the new year you could have it as a new goal too!! Oh well, some things take long, but it's never too long a wait on things worth waiting on. Others goals accomplished already though?

StuffedWombat responds:

partially ;)

i made more videogames for sure ^^
Ill update this in 2018 i guess


2017-11-08 10:01:00

Sounds partially good then. :) Good plan!