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Posted by StuffedWombat - 7 days ago


Some friends and me made a videogame!

It is about making choices and going on a quest!

You can watch the trailer & wishlist it, if you so desire:

watch the trailer & wishlist if you so desire

here is a gif of the game:


Posted by StuffedWombat - 2 weeks ago

I now have a


I will also make one game per month again!

Supporters will get a "Game Dev Diary", describing the process of every games development!



Posted by StuffedWombat - March 30th, 2019

made a little piece of software about dancing.iu_16255_5218402.gif



Posted by StuffedWombat - February 9th, 2018

I made Shit 3!

You can buy it for 2 dollars here:


Ill upload a free demo of it on NG in a few weeks :)




Posted by StuffedWombat - January 3rd, 2018

Hello everyone!

2017 has been interestening!
Did not do all of the things I wanted to do, but that is ok!

2018 will be super busy for me:
my first commercial game will be released, I will start the next 3 bigger projects, will draw/write more and also go back to university!

(lets see how long this energy I feel right now lasts ^^)

I hope we all have a great 2018!


Posted by StuffedWombat - December 31st, 2016

Hi there!

Here is what I want to do in 2017:

Make more videogames
Make better videogames
Publish & distribute my first boardgame (it has been made already ^^)
go outside more
obtain a credit card in a totally legal way (no stealing whatsoever, trust me) so i can become a NG supporter
Make some animations and put them on the internet
Buy toiletpaper BEFORE it runs out
Draw more comics

Have a nice day, whenever you are reading this!


Posted by StuffedWombat - August 10th, 2016


Hello everyone!

After 4 weeks of trying to make one game per week, I have to stop trying to make one game per week.
I will be able to show "Shword" at a developer conference soon, so I have to focus on polishing the game!

Nevertheless, I also have to look back and ask myself what the f*ck I even did during the last 4 weeks:

I have learned 4 big lessons in the last month.
These lessons are nothing new or exciting. I have heard all these points being covered in developer talks, but I guess I had to expirience them myself before really understanding them.

week 1 - Organise yourself, plan everything.

Having a "to do"-list that gets smaller everyday is not only motivating, it also helps to keep focused on what you really want your game to be.


After  "Shword" i thought that I knew what I was doing and would not need a prototype. Well, I was as wrong as wrong can be.

week 3 - The mechanics that you thought would be super cool can be really horrible and thats ok

It feels really bad when your cool idea turns out to be shit. But shit happens. Move on and MAKE A FRICKING PROTOTYPE NEXT TIME!

week 4 - Make what you want to make.

I had the Idea for my last game in the back of my head for a while. I could have made another puzzle plattformer with an "unique mechanic", but I wanted to try to combine comics and video games.
I knew that it would take a long time to prototype, that it would have to be very short and I knew that it wouldnt be a very satisfying game.
But i had fun while making it and so it was a worth it.

So these are the things I learned/finally really understood during the last month.

I will now focus on making "Shword" into a longer and better game (that doesnt rip off the style of "Downwell" so shamelessly).

I want to thank Tom Fulp for making this website and for supporting me on newgrounds and twitter. It really means a lot to me :)

Thank YOU for playing my little games, thanks for all the feedback, thanks for all the encouragement!



Posted by StuffedWombat - August 3rd, 2016

Hello everyone!

Making one game per week has teached me a lot.
The 3rd weeks game will not be released anywhere as it is an unplayabale mess.

I will keep this as brief as possible and shortly explain why this weeks game has failed:

1) I did not make a  prototype.
I just started working without testing the core mechanic. I thought that I would not need that, I was sure that it was great. I was wrong.

2) The core mechanic is not as fun as i though
This was only clear after I was too far in developement. Having to push on with developement when you know that your game is not much fun is something I do not want to have to do ever again.

3) I did not take care of myself
Like, not at all.

4) I did not document my developement process     
I had no documentation, no style sheet, no daily recapitulation. This made a lot of my work ineffective and useless as I was not taking care of the important parts of the game.


I have to apologize to @TrinaTan, @freakinbehemoth and @TheSharkBite. These awesome newgrounds members provided voice acting and music for a game that I fucked up.

I am sorry.

I hope to have finally learned my lesson this week and will only fail in different areas from now on.


I knew about all the things that I did wrong before doing them. I guess I had to learn the hard way. Next Mondays game will be made under consideration of all of them. It will also be about comics.











Posted by StuffedWombat - July 25th, 2016

Hello there!

The second week of continous game making has just ended and I am pretty blown away with the positive reception of "Shword"!

Thank you all very much for the kind words and constructive Feedback!

This weeks game is very short, simple and was made for a game jam. You can play it here: http://gamejolt.com/games/925/168659

Making one game per week is pretty demanding, but I will finish at least two more games in the next weeks. After that i will look into the possibilities of making a longer and better version of "Shword".

Thanks for sticking around!