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One game per week. Day 23

2016-08-03 11:23:33 by StuffedWombat

Hello everyone!

Making one game per week has teached me a lot.
The 3rd weeks game will not be released anywhere as it is an unplayabale mess.

I will keep this as brief as possible and shortly explain why this weeks game has failed:

1) I did not make a  prototype.
I just started working without testing the core mechanic. I thought that I would not need that, I was sure that it was great. I was wrong.

2) The core mechanic is not as fun as i though
This was only clear after I was too far in developement. Having to push on with developement when you know that your game is not much fun is something I do not want to have to do ever again.

3) I did not take care of myself
Like, not at all.

4) I did not document my developement process     
I had no documentation, no style sheet, no daily recapitulation. This made a lot of my work ineffective and useless as I was not taking care of the important parts of the game.


I have to apologize to @TrinaTan, @freakinbehemoth and @TheSharkBite. These awesome newgrounds members provided voice acting and music for a game that I fucked up.

I am sorry.

I hope to have finally learned my lesson this week and will only fail in different areas from now on.


I knew about all the things that I did wrong before doing them. I guess I had to learn the hard way. Next Mondays game will be made under consideration of all of them. It will also be about comics.












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2016-08-03 16:42:44

Oh... Sorry to hear about that... Anyhow... Do you need anything else? I'd be happy to help for another piece of yours! It's not just because I want to work, but I'm a personal fan. PM Me!


2016-08-05 18:09:22

Don't stress about it! It's just a week, so if you learnt something and won't repeat the mistake in the future it's for the better.


2016-08-09 13:14:42

Great post bro.

Keep on making stuff and stay positive.
Failing is learning in best form.

Road to greatness doesnt come easy so hard work pays in the end.