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One game per week. Day 14

2016-07-25 06:00:04 by StuffedWombat

Hello there!

The second week of continous game making has just ended and I am pretty blown away with the positive reception of "Shword"!

Thank you all very much for the kind words and constructive Feedback!

This weeks game is very short, simple and was made for a game jam. You can play it here:

Making one game per week is pretty demanding, but I will finish at least two more games in the next weeks. After that i will look into the possibilities of making a longer and better version of "Shword".

Thanks for sticking around!


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2016-07-25 06:33:11

Good game man!

+ music
+ art
+ difficult
+ unique puzzle


2016-07-25 09:30:49

You should pop it up on NG! Players could get a medal for persevering to the end.

StuffedWombat responds:

I would like to upload only my best games to NG from now on. Games get a lot more exposure here than anywhere else and I am not really proud of that one.

Next week will be NG worthy again, I promise ;)


2016-08-01 21:51:07

YOU GOT A COMMENT FROM TOM! Nice! Anyway, when's Muted coming to Newgrounds, mate?

StuffedWombat responds:

The game is a beautiful train wreck right now.
I said on twitter that I will have to wait one more day with releasing it, so it will be out on Tuesday, which is today. Lets hope I can fix it in time :)